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Exploring Garratt Lane in Wandsworth: A Local Guide

Earlsfield Station - Wandsworth

Earlsfield Station - Wandsworth

Key Takeaways

  1. Rich History: Garratt Lane has evolved from a rural road back in medieval times to a busy highway with modern facilities.
  2. Diverse Offerings: The road boasts many cafes, restaurants, and stores, including Manny Dartin Cafe Bar, Il Girasole, and boutiques like Lark Earlsfield.
  3. Community Focus: With parks like Wimbledon and King George’s, plus important services like Direct Dental Wandsworth, Garratt Lane is vibrant and network-oriented.

Garratt Lane is a lively road in Wandsworth, South London, with many shops, restaurants, libraries, coffee shops, dentists, healthy facilities and much more along the way. This guide aims to take you through the hidden gems of Garratt Lane and make your visit a little bit more knowledgeable.

Historical Background of Garratt Lane

Garratt Lane - Shops and Church.

Early History

Dating back to medieval times, Garratt Lane was originally a rural route used by farmers. It gets its name from the Garratt circle of relatives and local landowners.

17th and 18th Centuries

During this era, the area was especially agricultural. The “Garratt Elections,” starting within the 18th century, had been mock elections that satirised national politics, attracting big crowds until the early 19th century.

19th Century

The Industrial Revolution brought vast adjustments. Factories and housing emerged, transforming the rural lane into a business route. The arrival of the railway in the mid-nineteenth century further boosted its significance.

20th Century

Urbanisation took hold in the 20th century, with residential housing, shops, and groups lining the road. Parts of Garratt Lane had been broken all through World War II, leading to up-warfare reconstruction and modernisation.

Modern Era

Today, Garratt Lane is a bustling industrial and residential area with a mixture of stores, cafes, and restaurants. Hosting various events is still a crucial part of Wandsworth’s network.

Historical Highlights

One notable spot is the Leather Bottle, a historic pub that has served the community for generations. Dating back to the 16th century, this pub has seen the evolution of Garratt Lane and remains a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Its traditional architecture and cosy interiors are a testament to its long-standing presence in the community.

The development of Garratt Lane is likewise carefully tied to the growth of the nearby Southside Shopping Centre, a present-day business hub that attracts shoppers from all over London. Originally called the Arndale Centre when it opened in the 1970s, Southside has undergone enormous renovations to become one of the most important buying centres in South London, seamlessly mixing vintage with brand new.

Must-Visit Cafes and Restaurants

Garratt Lane boasts a diverse food scene with many delightful cafes and restaurants. Here are some must-visit spots:


  • Manny Dartin Cafe Bar: Known for its friendly environment and food options, this brunch spot has quickly become a favourite among locals and visitors. It is located at 366 Garratt Lane.
  • Belle Amie: An independent café at 404 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London. Inspired by the coffee way of life of Australia and New Zealand, it offers a comfy, welcoming environment with a European touch.
  • Café Elena: Also known as La Pernella, is an Italian café at 470-472 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London. Its menu includes a range of Italian delicacies, paninis, gourmand burgers, and a selection of pasta dishes.


  1. The Garratt Tavern: On 89 Garrant Lane, is a neighbourhood public house favourite. It offers a choice of craft beers and hearty meals. Its relaxed atmosphere is good for an evening out with friends. The menu features classic British pub fare with a current twist, and their Sunday roasts are particularly famous.
  2. Il Girasole: Located at 189 Garratt Lane, This Italian restaurant serves mouth-watering pasta and wood-fired pizzas. The welcoming staff and warm atmosphere make it a notable location for a family dinner.
  3. Peking Palace: Located on 162 Garratt Lane, this well-cherished Chinese restaurant is known for its flavorful dishes and brilliant service. The massive menu includes many traditional Chinese dishes, from dim sum to Peking duck, so there’s something for everyone.

Unique Shops and Boutiques

Shopping on Garratt Lane is an adventure with its array of unique shops and boutiques:

Highlighted Shops

  1. Lark Earlsfield: 382 Garratt Lane, a family-run business supplying a wide selection of unique items for your home, personal use, or even for toddlers and youngsters.
  2. La Galleria: Known for its comprehensive bespoke framing carrier, La Galleria Earlsfield offers tailor-made, handmade frames to the public, artists, galleries, and businesses. It is positioned at 298 Garratt Lane.
  3. Taras Biltong: Located at 547 Garratt Lane, this popular store is known for its awesome biltong, a dried, cured meat originating in South Africa.

Direct Dental Wandsworth – Dentist Garratt Lane

Direct Dental Wandsworth - Garratt Lane Dentist

Situated on 63-65 Garratt Lane, Direct Dental Wandsworth SW18 4GR is a top local practice in South West London. Our dedication to quality care and patient satisfaction has made us a trusted call within the community.

Dental Treatments Offered:

  • General Dentistry: Comprehensive dental care, which includes test-ups, fillings, and hygienist offerings.
  • Cosmetic Procedures: We offer composite bonding and Invisalign treatments to help you acquire the right smile.
  • Emergency Care: We provide immediate assistance for dental emergencies. We are prepared to address diverse urgent dental problems, from toothaches to unintended accidents.

What makes us the best dentist in Wandsworth?

  1. Cutting-edge Technology: We use modern devices for powerful and efficient treatments. This includes digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and superior sterilisation strategies, ensuring sufferers get the best care.
  2. Patient-Centered Care: The clinic focuses on personalised treatment plans and patient comfort. We understand what patients need and create welcoming and supportive surroundings.
  3. Expert Team: Comprising of certified dentists and friendly reception staff. The team at Direct Dental is devoted to offering top care and helping anyone get their perfect smile.

Patient Review On Google:

“I recently completed some dental treatment and I must say it was a great experience. The staff was very welcoming and friendly, and Dr. Nowais was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The procedure was explained to me in detail beforehand, which helped me feel more comfortable and at ease. The treatment itself was painless and efficient, and I was impressed by the advanced technology used by the clinic. Overall, I highly recommend this dental practice to anyone in need of quality dental care. Thank you to the entire team for making my visit a pleasant one!”. – Leonie.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Garratt Lane is near some amazing parks, perfect for a leisurely walk or a family outing:

Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park - Near Garratt Lane

A spacious park featuring a lake, tennis courts, and playgrounds. It’s a famous spot for picnics, sports activities, and outdoor sports. The park’s well-maintained paths are best for walking or a nice stroll.

King George’s Park

King George's Park - Near Garratt Lane

It is near Wandsworth High Street and offers scenic strolling paths and sports facilities. The park includes big open areas, a playground, and even a bowling green, making it a versatile spot for various leisure activities.

Tips for Exploring Garratt Lane

Best Times to Visit

Garratt Lane is lively throughout the day, but evenings and weekends are busier, as is everything nowadays.

Transport and Accessibility

It is easily accessible via train at Wandsworth Town Station, Earlsfield Rail Station or tooting tube station. The area is well-served by buses (routes 44 and 270), and cycling paths make it easy to explore on two wheels.

Garratt Lane – The Long Road Through Wandsworth

Garratt Lane is the heart of Wandsworth’s appeal and vibrancy, combining history, lifestyle, and modern conveniences. Whether exploring its shops, having a meal, or caring for your dental health at Direct Dental Wandsworth, there may be something here for anybody.

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