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How to Find Direct Dental Wandsworth: A Guide

London Bus in Busy Central London street, next to a classic red phone box
Red London bus in a busy central london street, next to a classic red phone box

Key Takeaways

  1. Convenient Location: Direct Dental in Wandsworth is without difficulty accessible at 63 – 65 Garratt Lane, London SW18, near Wandsworth Town Station and Southside Shopping Centre.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Offering a wide range of dental treatments, together with beauty dentistry, dental implants, enamel whitening, and greater, Direct Dental guarantees all oral fitness desires are met.
  3. Transportation Options: Whether by teach, bus, Uber, walking, cycling, or vehicle, numerous transportation methods are to be had to reach Direct Dental in Wandsworth, making sure a strain-loose adventure for sufferers.

Finding Direct Dental in Wandsworth doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the proper guidance, navigating to our clinic becomes a seamless experience. This detailed guide provides all the necessary information to locate our Wandsworth branch quickly, including transportation options, routes, times, parking details, and more.

Who Are We, and Where Are We Located?

Our Dental Clinic Address in Wandsworth, SW18

Direct Dental Wandsworth Front of House

Direct Dental in Wandsworth is conveniently situated at 63 – 65 Garratt Lane, London SW18, making it easily accessible for patients seeking quality dental care. Our clinic is near Wandsworth Town Station, Southside Shopping Centre, and York Road.

Direct Dental Wandsworth Location Map

Direct Dental Wandsworth – Brillant Dental Care in Sout West London

At Direct Dental, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to address all your oral health needs. Our highly skilled team specialises in various treatments and offerings, including:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • General dentistry is used for treatments like gum disease, fillings, etc.
  • Dental implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • Composite bonding, and more.
  • 0% Interest Pre-Approved Payment Plans

Now that you know our ethos and location, let’s explore how you can reach us.

Wandsworth Town Station: Your Link to Direct Dental Wandsworth

Fast moving Train as seen from the platform

If you prefer public transport, Wandsworth Town Railway Station is near our clinic, with a short 15-minute walk from the station. This station is well-connected to various train routes (operated by Southwestern Railway), including those serving Clapham Junction, Nine Elms, and nearby areas. 

Direct Dental Wandsworth's nearby public transport stops

Wandsworth Town ticket office opening hours

DayOperating Hours
MondayClosed – 06:40 to 11:00
TuesdayClosed – 06:40 to 11:00
WednesdayClosed – 06:40 to 11:00
ThursdayClosed – 06:40 to 11:00
FridayClosed – 06:40 to 11:00

Ticket office location

The ticket office is locations by the station entrance, making it handy for anyone wanting travel advice or guidance.

From Central London (e.g. Westminster):

  1. Take the underground to Vauxhall.
  2. Then take the train to Wandsworth Town.

27 mins – 1 Change – £7.80 Single

From East London (e.g. Liverpool Street):

  1. Take the underground to London, Victoria.
  2. Then take the train to Clapham Junction.
  3. Then Take the train to Wandsworth Town.

48 mins – 2 Change – £7.80 Single

From North London (e.g. Finsbury Park)

  1. Take the train to Highbury & Islington.
  2. Then take the tube to Vauxhall.
  3. Then Take the train to Wandsworth Town.

48 mins – 2 Change – £7.80 Single

Nearby tube locations

  • Southfields Tube Station: This station is on the district line and is located approximately 0.7 miles south of Garratt Lane.
  • Tooting Broadway Tube Station: This station is on the Northern line and is located approximately 1.2 miles southeast of Garratt Lane.

Other Transportation Options to Reach Our Dental Clinic

Wandsworth Bus Routes

The clinic is conveniently located near the bus stop on Mapleton Road, just a five-minute walk away. This positioning ensures easy accessibility for those utilising bus transportation to visit the clinic.

Wandsworth Bus RoutesOperating DaysOperating HoursFrequency
44Monday to Friday, SaturdayMonday to Friday: 05:33 to 00:37 Saturday: 05:35 to 00:38Every 8-12 minutes (Monday to Friday) Every 9-12 minutes (Saturday)
270Monday to Friday, SaturdayMonday to Friday: 05:09 to 00:30 Saturday: 05:08 to 00:30Varies: Every 9-12 minutes (Monday to Friday) Every 8-12 minutes (Saturday)
Uber app

Uber – The Convenient Travel Option to Reach SW18 4GR.

Uber is a convenient alternative for those seeking a more customised journey experience. Pricing might also vary depending on distance, time of day, and call-out, allowing passengers flexibility.

To use Uber to get to our practice, you can follow the steps:

1. Open the Uber App: Install the Uber app on your phone before taking Uber to your destination. You can download it from the Google Play Store (for Android phones) if you don’t have it already.

2. Enter Destination: Launch the Uber app and sort “Direct Dental Wandsworth” in “Where to?” at the “Where to?” button.

3. Select Ride Option: Uber offers various ride options based on your location, such as UberX, Uber Black, Uber Pool, and so forth.

4. Confirm Pickup Location: Double check your drop-off neighbourhood to ensure it is correctly utilised. The app can decide your location using your tool’s GPS.

5. Request Ride: When deciding on a deal with and where you may get picked up, click the “Confirm Uber” or “Request” button to request a journey.

6. Track Your Driver: When planning a trip, you may want to track your driver and see where they are. You will even get facts about your driver, including their name, photograph, vehicle details, etc.

7. Arrive at Direct Dental: When your driver arrives, get in the car and tell them you want to travel to Direct Dental Wandsworth. Upon being seated, the driver will drive you to where you need to be using the shortest course.

8. Payment: Once the journey is completed, Uber will automatically charge the payment option you provided. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about paying the driver. You will be given a downloadable email receipt containing the fare breakdown.

Uber Prices

The price and time of an Uber trip can vary depending on the day and time. But again, if you’re coming from central London, it should take around 25-45 minutes.

Standard Uberx Prices range from
DaysPrice Range
Monday-Saturday£30 – £50

Walking & Cycling

Walking and cycling function as green and advantageous modes of transportation, mainly for short distances. Wandsworth boasts an array of pathways, including devoted footpaths and trails, ensuring a handy tour for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the town.

Arriving at Wandsworth Direct Dental by Car

  1. Take the A3 route heading southwest out of Central London.
  2. Continue at the A3 till you reach the junction with the A214 (Garratt Lane) in Wandsworth.
  3. Turn left onto A214.
  4. Continue alongside Garratt Lane till you reach our sign.
  5. On your right, Wandsworth Direct Dental will be at 63 Garratt Lane.

Approximate Travel Times:

From the heart of London, for example, Piccadilly Circus, the journey typically takes 30 to 45 minutes, varying depending on the time of day.

Car Parking

Luckily, parking around Wandsworth is simple; we have a couple of multi-storey car parks nearby within walking distance:

Southside 1 – £3.80 for 2 hours – 7-minute walk

Southside 2 – £3.80 for 2 Hours – 7-minute walk

Sainsbury’s – £5 for 2 hours – 6-minute walk

cars in traffic jam

Congestion Charges

Wandsworth enjoys congestion-free status and is exempt from congestion charges. See the map for information on the chargeable areas:

A congestion fee is £15 if you are between 07:00 and 18:00 Monday through Friday and from 12:00 to 18:00 Sunday.

Congestion Charge Zone Map

Simplified Arrival: Navigating Direct Dental Wandsworth

Once you’ve reached our clinic, rest assured that our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re visiting Direct Dental Wandsworth for a routine check-up service or a specific appointment, our friendly staff is committed to providing you with the highest care and attention.

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