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Autotransplantation Wandsworth, London

Auto-transplantation is the dental treatment process of extracting a tooth that cannot be restored and replacing it with another tooth from the patient’s mouth. Compared to prosthetic or implant dental techniques, the autotransplantation method provides patients with a more natural alternative.

An advanced tooth replacement treatment

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Autotransplantation Wandsworth Dentist

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Auto Transplantation Wandsworth

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There are a number of scenarios where this specialist type of dental care are relevant to our patients

It is especially beneficial in the case of young patients whose maxillary bone systems are still developing and, therefore, cannot receive implants until this phase of their development is complete. An instance of this would be a child losing a tooth through and accident or trauma.

An adult-Your dentist has determined that they cannot save one of your molars and that its removal is necessary. This can involve the dentist taking one of your unused wisdom teeth and then quickly implanting it in the space left by the tooth that was extracted. After the tooth has been replaced, it will be restored to appear and feel completely natural in the mouth.

A child-It is common for a child to sustain damage to a front tooth, which would require the tooth to be extracted. We can remove a tooth from the mouth’s area closer to the back of the mouth and then instantly position it in the space created by the missing front tooth. After that, we will use braces to fill the gap that the extraction left behind. After the tooth has been replaced, it will be restored to appear and feel completely natural in the mouth.

Tooth Auto-transplantation is a type of oral surgery and a great alternative treatment option that necessitates the involvement of a multidisciplinary team to restore the patient’s function and aesthetics successfully. At Direct Dental, we have a high success rate for tooth replacement with auto-transplantation.

Our dental team, based in Wandsworth, London, are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with nervous patients and ensures that your surgical experience is as stress-free and painless as possible whilst still providing you with the best possible outcomes that will last for the long term and retain your perfect smile.

Auto-Transplantation FAQs

In contrast to implants – the procedures are suitable for children and younger patients with trauma, who are less than 21, whereas dental implants are usually reserved for people over the age of 21.

This dental treatment is also suitable for older patients and we can often autotransplant a wisdom tooth. We typically perform tooth transplantations at the same time as orthodontic treatments; in these cases, meticulous coordination is required between our dentists.

In summary it’s essentially available to all ages.

You should consider an auto-transplantation treatment if you suffer from any of the following dental needs;

  • Incomplete or absent development of a tooth
  • Trauma cases
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Resorption of the roots
  • Impacted canine or premolars
  • Tooth loss due to traumatic events
  • Other oral and dental diseases and conditions

Auto-transplantation is categorised as one of the highly skilled dental treatments and the latest techniques in oral surgery; we practice this at our Wandsworth clinic in London, UK. We advise patients to visit the dental practice in London to attend a dental appointment with a dentist I which a specific treatment plan will be discussed, and the cost of treatment will be confirmed in advance.

The method for tooth transplanting is similar to the treatment for tooth extraction, and we often find that administering local anaesthetic is often adequate. We can offer sedation for patients; it is best to speak with a dentist to explore your options.

Yes, for treatments of this nature and for a successful transplant, the patient needs to have a good standard of oral health, which includes soft tissue and adequate jaw bone support, and a high-quality donor tooth can be extracted without complication.

The most common scenario in which auto-transplantation of teeth is performed is when a natural molar has been damaged to the point that regular dental treatment cannot restore it and therefore needs to be replaced. So our dental team has to evaluate your oral health to see if you are a good fit before the treatment.

We will need to accurately plan the case – often involving the use of our high-tech cone beam CT scanner.

Auto-transplantation allows for transplanting not only molars but also other teeth; patients are advised to visit the Wandsworth, London clinic to discuss tooth autotransplantation and the various treatment options.

Tooth transplantation is widely regarded as an effective and predictable medical technique that, in many cases, can eliminate the requirement for implant insertion or other complex restorative treatment later. Our team of dental experts will help you through the management of the entire treatment.

The dentists at Direct Dental private practice have received training in the new techniques and procedures involved in tooth transplantation, and they will be delighted to discuss with you whether or not this treatment will benefit you.

The donor tooth needs to be healthy and have normal morphology that corresponds to the recipient site in a way that does not compromise the occlusion. The donor tooth must meet these criteria to maximise the treatments success.

Recent developments in three-dimensional imaging methods can potentially improve the auto-transplantation procedure’s success rate. This imaging can help identify a suitable donor tooth by improving the accuracy of pre-surgical assessments, and it can also make the intended extraction less traumatic. The donor tooth will have a painless extraction to save the periodontal ligaments surrounding it and reduce their damage as much as possible.

The procedure is highly successful, but there are a few times when there might be some complications, as with all dental and medical treatments. Our team, based in Wandsworth, London, UK, are on hand to resolve any concerns or issues that arise.

Ideally, candidates should be in good general health, display good oral hygiene, and be open to receiving routine general dentistry appointments to reduce the likelihood of any issues arising from the procedure.

Auto-transplantation can provide a growing patient with many benefits, including proprioception, normal periodontal function, and preservation of alveolar bone volume.

In contrast to dental implants, well-auto-transplanted teeth have the same characteristics as natural teeth. Our research, knowledge and expertise in this area of dentistry is second to none. If the auto-transplantation procedure is not successful, there is a good chance that the bone and soft tissue conditions will be appropriate for following implant treatment. Conditions must be suitable for the auto-transplantation of a tooth to be successful. In the hands of our expert oral surgeons, we can achieve remarkable results in the aesthetics and functionality of our patient’s smiles through this procedure.

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