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Dental Implants Wandsworth

An implant replaces the root of a missing tooth and gives a crown a sturdy base to sit on (i.e. the visible tooth above the gum line). Dental implants can replace a single tooth or several teeth. Our dentist will always do their best to save your natural teeth; however, this is not always possible, and the perfect solution is a dental implant.

Replace missing teeth with high-quality dental implants

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Dental Implants Wandsworth Dentist

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Advantages of Getting Dental Implants

  • Less stress on the teeth that surround the implant e.g. with a fixed bridge
  • More convenient than alternative treatments such as removable dentures
  • Reduces the possibility of bone loss by replacing missing teeth
  • Implants help to retain the shape of your face and give you a natural smile
  • Implants offer you more confidence and let you eat the foods that you want

Without placing a dental implant, the following problems can occur

  • Teeth on either side of the gap can “drift” into the missing tooth’s place.
  • Overworking the remaining teeth can cause them to weaken and break.
  • The area of bone once occupied by the tooth will begin to deteriorate.
  • Tooth loss can often lead to speech impairment

Direct Dental Implant Plan: Restoring Smiles with Precision Care

    Our Dental Implant plan at Direct Dental provides a comprehensive solution for individuals in search of restoring their smiles with dental implants. This plan encompasses more than a few offerings tailored to satisfy the specific needs of every patient. From preliminary consultations to implant placement and compliance with care, the Direct Dental team is committed to providing top-class-rate treatments every step of the way.

    Dental Implants FAQs

    Even if you don’t have enough bone, you may still be suitable for a dental implant at our dental clinic in Wandsworth, London. We can do grafting to your jaw to make up for lost bone so that an implant can be placed.

    Dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing lost teeth and creating the perfect smile when you no longer have healthy teeth. Before our dentists can assess your dental implant needs, you must have good oral hygiene, your mouth must be healthy, and you must be registered with our private dental clinic in Wandsworth, London.

    Dental implantology viability can depend upon the quantity of healthy bone in your jaw, which is necessary to insert the implant with titanium screws. This will play a significant role in determining whether or not dental implants can be placed for patients. Our dentist at Direct Dental will offer you a consultation at our dental practice to determine if you are orally healthy and ready to discuss dental implantology. Our dental implant treatment uses the latest techniques, and our patients receive excellent service from our team of award-winning dentists.

    Good oral health and oral hygiene are optimal for the success of dental implants. Regular trips to the dental hygienist helps to promote good oral health, preserve healthy teeth, and even prevent tooth loss before dental implants are needed.

    Before having dental implants placed, you should treat any cavities or gum disease so that the dental implants will have the highest chance of success. Your dentist will advise you on the best possible dental care to maintain your natural teeth and care for your dental implants. For optimal oral health, our dentists may suggest that you alter the way that you brush your teeth or recommend a special floss, or brushes between your teeth to get your oral health in the best order possible. After having your dental implants you can opt for other dental treatments to create your perfect smile, such as teeth straightening, composite bonding and teeth whitening.

    Sometimes patients ask if this is possible as they are keen to get a beautiful smile. The dentist can often place dental implants right after a natural tooth is extracted, but if the tooth is infected or there are other underlying dental issues, then we may need to wait before placing an implant. As with all of our cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery, your dentist will be able to advise you of the best solution for dental implants.

    Almost no one can tell the difference between a natural tooth and a high-quality dental implant. But people most definitely notice when you have missing teeth! Our dentists are the experts for dental implants Wandsworth, London.

    When you have an implant-anchored full bridge, there is a small gap between your gum and the prosthesis. This gap is not visible outside and makes cleaning much more straightforward. Your replacement teeth will feel and appear completely natural, the same as your remaining healthy teeth, giving you the confidence to eat, laugh, smile and take full advantage of life.

    Implant-based treatment can be beneficial for patients of any age or background and can be used at any point in a patient’s life when it comes to replacing missing teeth and looking after your smile.

    Every clinical case is different; your overall health, whether or not you smoke, the health of your mouth, remaining natural teeth, any medications that you take, and the amount of bone structure that is available at the site for the proposed implant, are all crucial factors to consider when determining the likelihood that implant dentistry will be successful for you. Like any other advanced dental treatment, replacing missing teeth with dental implants will only work if the conditions are correct and the dentist advises that it is the best option for your teeth. That is why you must attend a full examination with a dentist at our private practice in Wandsworth, London, for a consultation.

    It is highly dependent on the complexity of the procedure but can range anywhere from one to two hours per implant. Our dentist will tell you when to come in for each appointment. After the dental implants are inserted, you might miss a few work days. Each case is different and needs assessment to determine what treatment is required.

    Dental implants have a very high success rate and in some circumstances can last a lifetime, provided they are appropriately cared for and cleaned, precisely the same as you would with your natural teeth. Crowns, much like natural teeth, have the potential to become worn down or damaged over time, one of our implant dentists can assess and assist you with anything moving forward.

    However, we have to remember we are treating a biological susye, amd rely on your body to accept the implant and be treated right. Rarely, failures do occur.

    The main distinction with dental implants is that your new teeth can be readily repaired or replaced while still being supported by the same implant fixing into the bone.

    Dental implants are a safe way to replace missing teeth. They do this by giving the implant tooth a strong base of titanium, which the body accepts readily. Most can be done under a local anaesthetic administered by the dentist in the dental practice during your dental appointments.

    In addition to being one of the safest and most predictable treatments performed in dental practice, dental implant surgery is also the most effective procedure for replacing a missing tooth or a complete set of missing teeth.

    Because dental implants are a long-term solution to the problem of missing teeth, you won’t need to continue to use dentures once you’ve had the implant placed and restored to its full functionality.

    Very few cases of dental implants fail, meaning that dental implants are not likely to be problematic for you as a patient. Before the final dental implant work is installed, we can see on an x-ray whether or not a particular implant fixture is in good order and ready to work with.

    If there is a problem with a dental implant fixing, the implant will be removed and then restored once the patient has had some time to recuperate. In most cases, failure is caused by inadequate healing, such as in people with diabetes, heavy smokers or poor oral health.

    Even while the primary objective of getting dental implants is to replace a missing tooth, and enhance your capacity for chewing food, the appearance of our teeth is a significant factor in how others perceive us, and getting dental implants can also help improve your appearance and make you more confident to smile and enjoy life.

    Dental implants can play a significant part in a “Smile Makeover,” At Direct Dental, we combine dental implants, used to replace missing teeth, with crowns for the teeth surrounding them, to composite bonding, teeth whitening, veneers and all other types of cosmetic dentistry to create you a new and improved smile. Direct Dental are the experts in dental implants Wandsworth, London, UK.

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