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Dental Veneers Wandsworth

Get straighter teeth and a perfect smile with veneers. This procedure involves using ceramic (porcelain) or composite resin to correct your tooth’s shape, symmetry and colour. A dental veneer is an ultra-slim shell that matches the exact colour of your natural teeth.

Improve your smile with Dental Veneers

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Dental Veneers Wandsworth

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Smile makeovers with our expert cosmetic dentists

At Direct Dental, Wandsworth, we offer multiple cosmetic treatments to offer patients straighter teeth. Our dentists undertake an in-depth smile analysis to help you to create a new smile that fits your face perfectly. Our dentists will advise you, and discuss how veneers will work for your smile makeover.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers entail digital scanning of the teeth, followed by the insertion of provisional veneers to ‘test drive the outcome. During a subsequent appointment, one of our skilled dentists will install veneers that a team member has handcrafted to replicate your natural teeth.

Composite veneers

A single session is required to mould composite veneers onto the existing teeth. Our aesthetic clinicians have extensive training and are experts in this area of dentistry to help you achieve a perfect smile.

Uses of veneers

  • Chipped Teeth – Veneers are used to repair a chipped or broken teeth
  • Worn teeth – Veneers are used to repair worn down teeth
  • Damaged/Missing Teeth – Veneers are used in conjunction with dental implants to repair and replace damaged and missing teeth
  • Straighten Teeth – Venners are frequently used to straighten teeth in conjunction with orthodontic treatments.
  • Discoloured Teeth – A veneer can be placed where there is a damaged or discoloured tooth.

Veneers Faqs

A dental veneer is used in facial aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance or repair a damaged tooth. A veneer is an ultra-slim shell made of porcelain or composite that matches the colour of your natural teeth. Your original tooth will be ground down and shaped to accept the veneer, and once prepared, the veneer will be adhered, using a special glue, to your existing tooth.

Uneven teeth: Grinding your teeth can cause uneven wear on your teeth, in addition to the regular wear and tear that comes from using your teeth. It can develop into problems with the bite, malocclusions, and the smile’s physical appearance.

Discolouration: If your tooth discolouration is particularly noticeable and often in the case of trauma, can not be rectified by treatment or teeth whitening a veneer may be the perfect solution.

Genetics: some people are born with irregular spacing between their teeth, which worsens as they age. Veneers are frequently used to obtain natural looking, straighter teeth in conjunction with orthodontics for maximum effect. 

Wear and tear: The teeth in our mouths naturally begin to deteriorate as we get older. Older teeth have a greater risk of developing chips, cracks, and an uneven appearance. Veneers are a dental restoration technique that gives teeth a more natural looking and youthful appearance.

Worn enamel: Drinking carbonated beverages, tea or coffee, smoking, using certain medications, or even having specific genes can worsen the problem. Enamel wears and is naturally dulled over time. Dental veneers are an excellent option for improving the appearance of smiles.

If you have concerns with any of the above, please book an initial consultation at our dental practice in Wandsworth where an expert dentist will be able to talk you through the cosmetic procedures and create you a treatment plan.

Our dentist will first create an impression of your teeth using our state-of-the-art digital scanning technology. We will use this digital impression to create a model of your mouth and the required veneers. After this phase, we will send the image to our dental laboratory so that the surfaces can be crafted carefully and precisely.

You will not feel discomfort while preparing your tooth or veneer because a local anaesthetic will be administered during treatment and our dentists offer exceptional care. We are aware that not everybody is comfortable with injections and our team is on hand to discuss and reassure you at any point throughout treatment.

For an excellent fit, we will prepare your natural tooth by having a small rotational cutting device known as a bur applied to it to perform some little reshaping. Burs are available in various sizes and forms, making it possible to precisely and minimally sculpt a tooth before its installation.

As a result of removing the enamel during the shaping process, your teeth may become temporarily more sensitive to temperature extremes, by a small amount.

An increase in sensitivity may also occur if you have temporary veneers inserted and for a short period, until the permanent veneers have been bonded into place.

Most people experience no long term sensitivity with veneers.

We use “minimalist dentistry,” so the structure of your teeth is not at risk in most cases.

We remove a very small amount of the natural tooth material to make space for the veneer and to ensure that the porcelain is firm enough to shield the treated region from any potential future damage.

When properly maintained, the average lifespan of porcelain veneers can be 15+ years, while composite veneers often last between 5 and 10 years.

As with your general oral health, you must visit our dental practice in Wandsworth for regular dental checkups. Look after your veneers with regular cleanings to keep your mouth healthy and ensure your restorations last as long as possible.

You cannot whiten veneers in any way, since the veneers will be made to match the colour of your natural teeth. We recommend that you undertake a program of teeth whitening prior to having a cosmetic treatment. One of the benefits of veneers is that they will be manufactured to match the colour of your natural teeth.

Regardless of how unlikely, anything attached to your natural teeth can become loose and fall out. If this occurs, ensure that you keep the veneer, if possible, and we can re-cement it onto the surface of your tooth for you.

A veneer is a very thin layer of ceramic bonded to the front surface of a person’s teeth. Veneers are considered to be more of a cosmetic dental procedure, you can have as few as one, or a full set.

The final product gives you teeth that are brilliantly white and flawlessly aligned, giving you that famous Hollywood grin.

The tooth’s entire visible surface is protected by a crown, which also provides strength and stability to the tooth.

A tooth that has become severely worn down can often be repaired by placing a crown over it. Some of the most prevalent contributors to tooth wear are teeth grinding, an incorrect bite, advanced age, fillings, and tooth decay.

Avoid biting or chewing on hard things like nut shells or bones to limit the chance of harm, and avoid using your teeth to open or rip goods. Our dentist may also advise you to avoid specific foods that may be problematic.

Veneers can have texture and translucency added to them, our dentists will work with you to decide on the exact appearance you are going for. Veneers can be made to appear highly glossy or incredibly flawless; everything boils down to your preference in this regard.

During the treatment, you can see all of this and work with our dentist to design precisely what you

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