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General Dentistry

No two dental check-ups are the same when you need to see a dentist. At Direct Dental Practice Wandsworth, we focus on building long-term relationships with our patients to achieve your dental goals in our state-of-the-art private dental practice. We care about your dental health and work hard to build a relationship with you which offers you complete confidence when becoming a patient.

Dental care in Wandsworth for the whole family​

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General Dentisty Wandsworth Dentist

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General Dentist Wandsworth

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New Patient Welcoming at Direct Dental

The New Patient Welcoming lets us acquaint you with our practice and the expert dental team in Wandsworth. This is also the beginning of understanding the various dental treatments available to you and helping you to start your journey to a perfect smile.

A private dental practice in Wandsworth

At our private dental practice in Wandsworth, London, we work hard to meet our patient’s dental needs and provide clinical excellence. As a part of the welcoming experience, our highly trained dentists will go over your dental goals and discuss the treatments that you can use to accomplish these goals.

Direct Dental practice Wandsworth is a fully private dental practice. We do not provide NHS treatment but would happily see you as a new patient to discuss your dental issue, or provide you with emergency dental care.

Dental Treatments in Wandsworth

Our comprehensive dental treatments include General dentistry, children’s dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, composite bonding, straighter teeth, Invisalign treatment, veneers, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, dental implants, wisdom teeth treatment, a root canal, temporary filling or emergency treatment; we are here to help you.

A first-class dental experience by award-winning dentists

When you book a treatment at our dental practice, you will receive a warm welcome from our team, who are extremely friendly and highly skilled, providing a positive experience for new and existing patients. If you have a dental emergency or are a nervous patient, feeling uneasy about seeing the dentist, please rest assured that you are welcome as a new patient and will receive excellent service from the experienced team working with nervous patients.

Direct Dental for new patients, your dental exam includes:

  • A comprehensive clinical assessment
  • 3D digital scan of your teeth
  • Use of X-rays for diagnosis
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Checks for good oral hygiene
  • Comprehensive treatment plan

General Dentistry FAQ

You need to see a dentist when you have a toothache. You need to call the practice and see if we have availability for emergency appointments. Emergency appointments are often available on the day to be scheduled with a dentist.

It is essential that you book an emergency appointment to see a dentist if the pain has lasted more than two days and a high temperature accompanies it; you have a bad taste in your mouth, swollen jaws, redgums, or feel pain in your mouth whilst eating.

If you have a dental emergency, please do not go to your doctor or pharmacy for dental advice or treatment; it is likely that they cannot assist you and you need to see a dentist. However, they may offer a list of local dental practices in Wandsworth for you to contact and enquire if the dentist is taking on new patients.

If you have a dental emergency and the pain becomes unbearable before you see a dentist, you can use pain relievers like paracetamol and ibuprofen, which are available at most local convenience stores. You should then search for the best dentist in Wandsworth and make informed decisions about where to register as a new patient and which dentist to see.

The pain reliever temporarily alleviates the pain pending when you see the dentist. You can reach us by phone to book an appointment, and we will get back to you the same day.

Going to the dentist can be booked from every three months to one year; we will advise you of any further dental treatment required at that appointment. For many patients, going to the dentist depends on how healthy your teeth and gums are and how likely you are to have problems in the future. At our Wandsworth dental practice, a dentist will not only examine the health of your teeth but will also perform cancer screening.

A child should be going to the dentist by the time they are one or within the period of getting their first few teeth. At around 5-7 months of age, most babies start to get their first teeth. At this point, the dentist can tell you about baby bottle decay, sucking on a pacifier or finger, and how to clean your child’s mouth before booking their next appointment.

Brush Your teeth regularly

It is best to brush your teeth twice a day and then use floss or tepe brushes once a day to clean in between each tooth. Tepe brushes are small brushes made to clean between teeth, around crowns, fillings, implants, and braces. Because of the brushes’ shape, they can get to places that regular toothbrushes can’t reach.

It is also good to brush your tongue at least twice a day. You can also use good-quality mouthwash at separate times from brushing.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy diet can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.

Healthy teeth require a nutritious diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

However the main thing to consider is that the quantity of sugars consumed does not matter as much as the frequency they are taken; therefore, ensure that you do not take any snacks between meals and drink plenty of water where possible.

Use Fluoride toothpaste:

To protect your teeth from decay, you should use fluoride toothpaste. It is a common practice that prevents cavities and other oral issues.

Fluoride is an essential mineral that exists naturally in water and soil. It helps prevent decay by strengthening teeth’ enamel and creating a protective layer on the tooth’s surface. It can also reduce plaque build-up in the mouth, which can lead to gum disease and bad breath.

Visiting the dentist for dental exams helps to detect decay in your teeth, gum disease, and other oral issues at an early stage when they are easier to treat, your dentist can also advise on treatments such as cosmetic dentistry procedures and we are equipped to provide emergency dental treatment. The exams also teach patients the importance of proper dental care for their teeth and gums.

Because your mouth says so much about your overall health, and you want a beautiful smile, looking at your teeth, gums, tongue, and throat can tell you much about your health. Dental exams can also help you identify potential problems before they become more significant and require more extensive procedures and dental care.

A number of medical conditions can be identified through a dental checkup:

  • Cancer
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Assess your oral health and the overall condition of your mouth
  • Examine your individual teeth and gums
  • Carry out treatments, examinations, or x-rays that you require
  • Enquire about your daily routine and give tips on diet, smoking, drinking, and cleaning your teeth to improve your oral health.
  • Tell you when you should come back for your next checkup. Depending on your needs, this could be anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.

It’s safe and helps improve your oral health. Dental X-rays emit radiation, but exposure levels are so low that they’re considered safe for adults and children.

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