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Teeth Straightening Wandsworth

Misaligned teeth are a problem that affects more than just the appearance of your smile; it can also lead to difficulties with function and place unneeded strain on the mouth. Misaligned teeth can result in a number of more significant dental issues, and as such, the correction of teeth by an Orthodontist is advised for more than just cosmetic reasons.

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Teeth straightening in Wandsworth

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Specialist orthodontist treatments for straight teeth and a perfect smile

Orthodontics entails repositioning a patient’s teeth to improve their dental health and appearance when they smile. At Direct Dental, we have a dedicated and experienced team that of the best orthodontists in Wandsworth, ready to provide treatment for adults and children of all ages to help them to get a perfect smile.

Treatments for a straighter smile:

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment is the clear alternative to fixed braces and offers patients a flexible and removable, invisible braces, solution to help to correct and reposition teeth.

Lingual Braces

Hidden fixed brackets and wires that are attached to the surfaces of your teeth that are not really visible and help to move your teeth to their new position for a perfect smile.

Conventional Braces

Fixed brackets and wires are attached to the teeth to help move them to the desired position, these are visible when you talk and smile.

Tooth-Coloured Braces

Traditional braces that match the colour of your teeth to help disguise the treatment of straightening teeth, these are less noticeable when you talk and smile.

Orthodontic Treatment FAQ

It depends on your child’s malocclusion (bad bite). In some cases, young children may require orthodontic treatment in the form of braces. After an initial assessment, our dentists will be able to advise you of the treatment options available.

Most children have braces when they have all of their adult teeth, and their bone structure has developed. It is usually around the age of 12 -14 but can vary per patient.

It’s very important your child sees a dentist from a young age, as in certain situations they may require a brace from the age of 6-7 to prevent bigger issues at a later stage.

Genetics are one of the primary causes of crooked teeth. Tooth crowding can be a cause along with the shape and size of your jaw; overbite, underbite and poor development through early childhood.

Early tooth loss for babies can cause crooked teeth, creating issues and crowding where an adult tooth will eventually grow.

Crooked teeth can also be caused by “myofunctional habits,” like breathing through your mouth and sucking your thumb.

There are numerous compelling reasons in favour of having orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, these range from functional to purely aesthetic.

In addition to their enhanced appearance, straight teeth can also be a healthier option for your overall oral health, in most cases they are easier to clean and maintain.

Teeth that are correctly aligned have a lower risk of developing cavities and tooth decay because they are easier to brush and floss, making them less prone to problems and helping you to avoid more severe issues such as gum disease.

After your initial consultation, our dentists will advise you and issue you with a treatment plan. The length of time you wear braces depends on the degree to which your alignment is off. The time spent wearing braces might range from a few months to a few years.

Our dentists offer patients the latest technology in orthodontics and dentistry. We will aim to move your teeth as quickly as possible to achieve the desired position, which can vary in children to adults and from patient to patient.

Aside from the visual improvement that orthodontic treatment can provide to your teeth, it can also improve their functionality. Your teeth move over one another, we call this your ‘bite’, and when teeth don’t meet and work together correctly, you can experience problems such as increased tooth wear and broken teeth.

During your treatment, we will schedule regular appointments for a clinical examination to evaluate your progress and make necessary adjustments to your braces. Your dentist will discuss the exact frequency of your treatment plan; this applies to orthodontic treatment, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry appointments.

Between your orthodontic treatment appointments, we are on hand to assist you with any questions that you may have. Our friendly team are available at the practice in, Wandsworth, Southwest London, and most people prefer to call our reception staff with any queries.

It may be that you should be visiting monthly.

After completing your treatment to get the perfect alignment and new smile, we offer adults removable retainers so that your teeth stay in their new position. To maintain the position of your teeth, we suggest that you continue to use the removable retainers indefinitely; your dentist will advise you in your treatment plan.

Consuming meals that contain hard, very crunchy or sticky elements may cause damage to your braces. Avoid foods like toffee and chewing gum at all costs, but don’t deny yourself the odd treat, just try and make the right choice.

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment with an Invisalign treatment, you can remove your Invisalign braces and continue to enjoy the food you normally would. Remember that your clear aligners do need to be reinserted as soon as you are done.

Yes, it is possible to connect your brace to teeth that have been veneered or crowned. At the scheduled time for your dental appointment our Orthodontist will have the time to talk with you about this in more detail.

If you have braces, we suggest that you should brush your teeth as normal twice a day to maintain the health and cleanliness of your mouth, gums, and teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly will help remove any food that may have become lodged between your braces.

It would be best to floss your teeth daily to get between your braces and clean the areas your toothbrush can’t reach. Once your braces have been attached, our dentist will instruct you on the correct way to brush and floss your teeth.

When you first get braces, you may find that playing an instrument or participating in a sport involving physical contact requires some adjustment.

Gum guards and aligners can be worn over the top of most braces so this is another consideration when choosing orthodontics. Removal of fixed braces for activities is not an option due to the time and cost involved.

In almost all instances, having braces will not affect how you speak, or how you smile. However, with orthodontics you may experience sensitivity in your teeth, which may lead to discomfort, which in turn may affect the clarity of your speech. Many patients get past this phase within a short period of time.

Anyone can receive orthodontic treatment! There is no maximum age at which patients can have orthodontic treatment. Did you know that approximately 25 % of patients presently undergoing orthodontics in the UK are adults? It is never too late to get straighter teeth and a perfect smile.

Orthodontics offer several advantages, one of which is versatility in achieving the repositioning of teeth to obtain a beautiful smile.

They can correct various issues, ranging from mild crowding and underbites or overbites, substantial spacing issues and even gaps caused by missing teeth. With orthodontics your dentist can move your teeth with high precision.

Having crooked teeth might make it impossible for you to smile confidently, can affect your confidence and your oral health, this is why we recommend orthodontics to many patients as the starting point for their aesthetic dentistry.

We will create a teeth correction plan, tailored perfectly for you including your initial consultation, x rays, orthodontic treatment and then progress to cosmetic aspects such as composite bonding and a whitening treatment plan to complete your smile make-over.

Direct Dental is a fully private dental practice and we do not service NHS treatments. You can register with direct dental as a private patient and we will obtain your dental records if required. Often, however, we will have a fresh comprehensive reassessment of your mouth and may recommend a course of action, suited to you.

We welcome new patients, nervous patients and anxious children for orthodontics. Our friendly dentists and reception team will make you feel welcome and take care of you and they can advise you of things such as our finance options. Finance options are available to all Direct Dental patients and is one of the many benefits of becoming a long-term patient.

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